An Extraordinary Machine (ladymedb) wrote,
An Extraordinary Machine

I mean it.

If Haley Scarnato makes it through to the next round of American Idol after butchering not just a Cyndi Lauper song, but the EASIEST Cyndi Lauper song to sing, mark me - I'm going to practice singing pop songs and audition this summer.

Cos really.
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lol...Nyna and I want her off the show, Chris Sligh, Phil Stacey and Sanjaya
Sligh can sing but is doing zero with that voice. Sanjaya's a travesty. Phil was OK this week but does nothing for me otherwise....omg Haley's a disaster.

Not feeling Chris Richardson either, although I recognize there are moments where his voice is just beautiful and agile.

For me, it's all about Blake and Melinda. Gina's good too.
we agree 100%!!!!

BTw...Nyna and I are engaged!!!!
OMG congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are going to be such an amazing family.
thank you love.
WE are already an amazing family.
HUGS you!!

btw.....I really think you should try out for AI!!!!
I love the rapport Nyna has with Adam, and how you and she nurture each other.

re AI: LOL. I'm totally thinking about it. It would be a good excuse to take voice lessons again, at the very least.
i have something for you...but it's delayed till after I am back from MD
AI is such a joke this is terrible. Not only wasn Cyndi Lauper butchered but...ummm...THE CURE!??!??!? And sung by "umm hello Abercrombie & Fitch called...they want their clothes back" boy!!! ARGH! I nearly broke the TV...that made me pretty stabby.

I am cheering for Melinda and Gina. =)

Oh, I like Blake. He's not going for serious anyway. And for the record, I think he has a nice voice, if he lacks the control and agility of the women in the competition.
do it. do it. dooooooo it.
I don't even understand why anybody watches that drivel... Aevericka isn't going to apply, that's for sure. We're too weird for an Anne Clark remix contest - go figure! LMAO
Seriously - you should try for AI. I haven't watched a single episode the past three seasons, but I watched the first one intensely. With your voice, I think you'd have a great audition doing a Jewel or Tori Amos song. If they ever upped the age limit to 53, I'd audition with a Barry White or Brendan Perry tune.