An Extraordinary Machine (ladymedb) wrote,
An Extraordinary Machine

this thing. It sounds like fun.

Comment and I will:

1 - Tell you why I friended you.
2 - Associate you with a song/film.
3 - Tell a random fact about you.
4 - Tell a first memory about you.
5 - Associate you with a character/pairing.
6 - Ask something I've always wanted to know about you.
7 - Tell you my favorite user pic of yours [if it pertains].
8 - In retort, you must spread this disease in your journal.
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me! me!
1. I friended you because you're my friend, and because your writing is impossibly clever.

2. Always "Closer" by NIN, even though I don't know if you like that particular one.

3. You have a Kitty, who has a boat.

4. It had to have been Voices-related, but you know, I've blocked so much of that stuff out that I can't go into detail.

5. Well, you're Willow. That's what I think.

6. I know I can try to set you up with boys, but I was always hazy on whether I should with girls. You know I'm Yentalicious, right?

My tongue be staying vicious - I be up on the phone just gettin in yo business

He's my witness
With my poison talk-talk
I be runnin down the block
just to say what I thought


7. Well, this one. I just love it.

ooh, you're good at this!

and to answer your question...

2. closer is brilliant. i'm flattered.
4. yeah, i remember, you were the girl with the awesome hair!
5. willow? squee!
6. oh, you can set me up with anyone. i'm not picky. okay, i guess that's a lie, because i'm really very picky. but i'm no gender bigot.
I passed this to you, so it's time to reciprocate.
1. I friended you because we're friends. And because you understand how blogs are really supposed to work (I'm cribbing from you, you see).

2. Laibach's cover of "Jesus Christ Superstar"

3. You puked first. And we didn't have that conversation.

4. It'll be when we met in the courtyard. I remember we had a house meeting in Coulter and I was desperate for you to like the cake. Did you ever get any? I think Suk ate it all.

5. You're Beast, from X-Men. Of course.

6. What did you do for fun before I started wasting your time?

7. The Jesus ninja
I may have puked first (I'm not sure I'll concede that), but we most certainly did have that conversation. So there. Nyah.

Beast? Thank you.

As for what I did for fun... I used to poke badgers with spoons, braid 8-tracks and ponder where the beef really went. Needless to say, this is more fun. :)

(Oh, and btw, it's a Cyborg Pirate Ninja Jesus. Represent.)
Grrr, html interpretation error. That should have been "big grin" between angle brackets after "Beasts?" but HTML kicked in and now it looks like I'm yelling. Stoopid interweb.
1. You got me into livejournal.'re you. You're all the amazingness that is you.

2. REM's "Swan Swan H" which just lays me out and murders me every time I hear it.

3. You're serious about henna.

4. We met when Marc took you to Greeley. And I can still smell your vanilla perfume. These things stick with me.

5. You're the noblewoman from Princess Mononoke, or her analogue in Nausicaa. If you don't know what I'm talking about, go rent Miyazaki movies tonight - you won't regret it.

6. What's your big goal right now, the thing you most dream of working toward?

7. I like your atom bomb.
I love Miyazaki. But I'm surprised you didn't say that I was the wolf. ;)

And my big thing is getting Blood of the Chosen done so that I can edit it and get it published. It's what I'm doing when I'm not distracting myself with other things. Well, that, and making yoga a regular part of my daily routine. I think that I'm getting better with the yoga, tho. :)

And the atom bomb is so appropriate when I'm having a bad day. It can be read as exasperated, frustrated, or furious. I love it.
I don't think you're as remote as the wolf. You're more immediate.

And I can't wait until you get that thing published.
I just saw the movie with the girl whose parents turned into pigs for the first time the other day. That was glorious. I loved it so much.

And I can't either! Havens. I am loving it again. I go through phases. Last month, it was the worst book evar. Now it's good again, and I'm so impatient to get it finished.
Oh, OK. I'll bite. :-)
1. You're one of the people I only know online I'd most like to meet in person. When I met you online, you paid me the most amazing compliment ever: "You have the voice I wish I had." That will stay with me forever.

2. Faith & the Muse - "Scars Flown Proud" - it was on your journal, and then in general it just suited you so well I forget sometimes you didn't write it yourself.

3. You attract cats!

4. Sadly, not at all.

5. You're Thessaly.

6. I'm puzzled about your living arrangements! Can you tell me physically who-all is in that house of yours?

7. I like the Witches Coven one.
I live on a 5-acre farm with my younger brother and sister-in-law. My brother and sister-in-law live in the big house (pictured below--but much more complete now) with two dogs and my brother's kids (he has partial custody so they're with us 4 days a week or so).

For a while, my oldest niece Ali (my older brother's daughter), her fiance and THEIR two kids were also living in the big house. Now Ali and the kids are in their own place "in town" and her fiance is back in Louisiana working to pay off some of the debts they accumulated while being here and unable to find decent jobs.

I live in an apartment on the second floor of "the barn" (which is really, at this point, a storehouse for wood, furniture, and other assorted stuff). My brother and I are going to bust it out and make the barn back into a barn this summer, so we have more room for goat birthing stalls and the like, and he will recover his workshop space for fixing cars. I will be moving into the big house as soon as my room is completed, which will make it possible for us to do the work on the barn without turning my life into hell.

The big house:

My apartment in the barn:


I used the Dark Dungeons icon in this comment; if you want to use it, you certainly can.
heh... i'm most curious ;)

and while i will not spread this disease in my journal right now (mostly because i don't have time to respond to everyone), i will happily reciprocate for you.

1 - You're a good friend of someone with whom I was close, and I liked you when I met you.
2 - Muse - Invincible
3 - You look great with purple hair
4 - Meeting you at ~m~'s parents house... you seemed utterly charming and put together.
5 - Buffy ;)
6 - What draws you about music?
7 - "the flawed one" is my favorite
Thank you! Oh my! Buffy? Really? And put-together?

What a good liar I am. Although you've convinced me to redye my hair purple rather than something else now that my roots are coming in.

Deleted comment

re: #3, *laughs* i think it's that lovely Northeast dry wit we share ;)
1. same reason!

2. I think of Fiona Apple's "Criminal". Because it's bare and naked and honest.

3. You're one of the few of Marc's girlfriends I liked immediately.

4. Same meeting - I thought you were a dear, still do.

5. You're Tess from the 4400. You're equal parts strength and vulnerability, and it's beautiful

6. What now? I mean, what now with you? Anything huge?

7. Your Green Faerie is stunning.
short term? i'm very much looking forward to an upcoming european holiday :)

longer term... i'm hoping the next big thing will be quiting the rat-race and starting (or helping to start) a software company making music composition software. that's probably at least a couple years down the road, but i'm dreaming big.

mostly, though, i'm just happy to be alive and happy to be me... it's taken me a long time to like myself (and to let me *be* myself), but it's a good feeling.